About Us

Penscribe aims to make every reader feel the goodness and pleasantness around us which is presently gutted with negativity in almost everything. In the exaggeration of negativity and non-recognition of positivism, we are made to perceive that the world is no better and the life is not worth it. This results in inaction or indifferent attitude in everyone. This newspaper is keen on bringing the change and to see the life as it is by promoting and publishing the articles with the aim to “Write the Right to Read the Right.”

Team Penscribe

V Natarajan – Managing Partner, Former Production Manager in Graphite India Limited, a dynamic person with energy of the youth, brings his entire experience to guide the team in taking right decisions. His determination and intensity has ensured that the entire team is able to work passionately towards the common cause of bringing the change through Penscribe.

 S Sriram – Founder Partner. A multifaceted personality always in pursuit of perfection in the domain he works in. His experience in various fields has culminated in the form of Penscribe, his brainchild which brings to the forefront the goodness and happenings in life. The entire team revolves around his vision for change and is a driving force for the success of our Organisation.

 D Ashwath Narayan – Head Finance, Former Senior executive in Hewlett Packard, brings to the team his rich experience of 20 years in the finance domain. His in-depth knowledge in the business operations is helping the Penscribe team in making right decision in various facets of financial activities of our organisation.

S Shankar – Chief Marketing Officer, Former Marketing Head in Essae Teraoka, Chennai. He brings to the team his two-decade experience in marketing domain to build the readership base and brand of Penscribe.

Prakash A – Adviser. A Practising Chartered Accountant with a firm belief in “Take Care and be Taken Care” Principle. His forthrightness in expressing his views and plain talk in the working of Penscribe makes him a perfect Devil’s Advocate. His long- term vision for Penscribe is helping us in refining and redefining the activities towards the success of our Organisation.