Inhale The Future, Exhale the Past

The world celebrated the 4th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2018. Yoga events were held in different parts of the country and the world. While Yoga is an age-old practice, for silencing the mind, the celebration of this practice as International Day of Yoga across the globe is just 4 years old. Yoga is practised to establish good health, inner peace, and harmony to the practitioner.
Yoga contains eight components and they are
1. Yamas (Ethics)
2. Niyama (Virtuous Behaviour)
3. Asana (Postures)
4.Pranayama (Breath)
5. Pratyahara (Awareness)

6. Dharana (Concentration)
7. Dhyana (Reflection)
8. Samadhi (Unison)
It is widely practiced for health and relaxation. It is a practice which has to be learnt under the guidance of a Guru and if practiced on a daily basis it leads to oneness. It is said that in the state of Samadhi (Unison) when one’s mind is absorbed in whatever it is contemplating on, that the mind loses the sense of its own identity. The thinker, the thought process and the thought fuse with the subject of thought. It helps in individual transformation resulting in Universal transformation.

Sri Kumaran’s English School

On International Day of Yoga, Sri Kumaran’s English School organized yoga event under the guidance of yoga teacher Mr. Vishwa Bhandu Nagesh and Secretary Shri. M P Pandian.

RV Yoga Kendra

RV Yoga Kendra had organised Yoga Practice for people of Ramamurthy Nagar in Kuvempu Playground, Vijinapura. Shri Chikkanna, Yoga Guru while addressing the gathering said: “Yoga is a union of body, mind, and soul along with spiritual practices and discipline that is originated in India almost 5000 years ago.”

ITI Vidya Mandir, ITI Central School and ITI Snehalaya School.

The International day of yoga was celebrated by ITI Group of schools namely ITI Vidya Mandir, ITI Central School and ITI Snehalaya School at ITI playground.
In the words of Celebrated Yoga Guru Shri. BKS Iyengar “Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”
Let this practice of Yoga not be a one-day event in a year, rather an everyday investment for the future. Let us “Inhale the Future and Exhale the Past.”

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