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What is the best gift you can give to yourself?
The answer to this question reflects a lot about you. How you see the world and how you see yourself. The top priority for you, above all, in this world is nothing but you. Unfortunately, most of the people ignore this and get caught up with other things in life. The result is struggle, stress and ill health.
Do you want to be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest of your potential?
I share 5 simple activities that you can do daily. Just spend less than 10 minutes a day doing these activities for the coming two weeks. You will observe noticeable reduction in your stress levels. You will become more happier.
1. Observe your breathing. If you are breathing more from your chest than your belly, that means there is some amount of stress in your mind. It can be anxiety or feeling of ‘need to hurry up’. Slow down a few seconds and try to breathe with your belly. When you breathe from your belly, you signal to your nervous system that you are not anticipating any danger.
2. Get a soft toy, Small or big does not matter. Choose whatever you prefer and keep it at places where you spend most of your time. Touch it lovingly with your palm, fingers and caress it for 5 minutes. Did you observe anytime that when you are hurt, your hand automatically goes to the place to touch it? It’s because Touch is a Powerful Self Soothing mechanism. Use it for your advantage.
3. When you are lying down or sitting on a chair or sofa, observe how your muscles are relaxing. Feel the gravity and how your body is supported. Notice how your feet or hands or any part of your body is touching the surface. Adjust a little so that you get the most relaxation. Listening to the cues your body tells you is an important skill to maintain good health.
4. When you get up in the morning, gently rub your two palms; rub your fingers for a couple of minutes. While you rub your palms and fingers, fill your thoughts with one important thing or happening you can wish for the day. Keep it just as a wish and don’t take it personally. Remember that everything in nature follows a rhythm. Your wish will be fulfilled, when you need it the most not when you want it.
5. When you are eating a meal, try not to involve in any other activity like talking or watching TV. Eat slowly, placing your full attention on what you are eating and drinking. Experience every taste. Pause and notice any sensations or feelings. Your body always tells you what is good or bad for you. You just need to practice listening to it more frequently.
– Nagesh Kumar Siddu

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