Women Empowerment – It is what it is!

“Women and men are not equal!”

Wait a second, take a deep breath before judging me by this statement; I am not a 21st centurion with age old thoughts etched in my mind; Neither am I a misogynistic anti-feminist. I am realistic, well educated women of this century representing many of my kind.

 Yes, I stand by my words, and proclaim that Men and women are not equal. In my belief, both are special and unique in their own ways. They differ in mental, physical and emotional quotient; This does not mean one is better than the other, but they have their strengths and weaknesses, and we must accept the facts.

Having said that, I also believe the facts that we witness in day to day life. A majority of women have not attained the education they deserve, professional designation they deserve or social status they deserve; The lack of opportunities and the misogynistic mentality of people are to be blamed, if we feel women are not where they are supposed to be. Women empowerment lies in creating socio economic and political opportunities for women as well as mending the mental and physical behavior of people towards women.

Mental and physical approach towards women:

Human beings are having two genders, like most other animals do – Male and Female.  Respect them, regardless of the gender. Respect them as human beings, chapter closed! Why create hassles by trying to talk down or look down upon one gender? (you know which one right? no prize for correct guess!)

Yes, there will be biological attractions between people of opposite genders; But unlike other animals we have the reasoning power and live in a society; Hence we also have to abide by the rules of the society, am I right? Hence any women out there, cannot be considered as an object. Respect her feelings, values, profession, outfits and mindset.

Creating socio economic and political opportunities:

Socially how we treat women of our family and friends circle, plays an important role in determining their social status. Government agencies as well as various NGOs are working towards creating better opportunities in varied fields for women.  Spreading awareness about these opportunities is also equally important; When parents of girl child or women themselves become aware of these opportunities through these programs, they also understand about the qualifications required and the means to get qualified in relevance to their goals. When women become financially independent, their economic status improves and boosts their confidence to win over the world. Politically, women ought to represent themselves at varied levels of political hierarchy; Since they know the in and out of the women world, they tend to make better choices in policy making, which in turn will help make the world a better place for women.

Having said this, I thoroughly believe that, what we think is what we become. We do not have to empower women who feel empowered from within; And, those who are empowered, celebrate the true sense of womanhood by patting the back of other women and empower them through extrinsic motivation and resourceful aid; After all, women will be women, spreading cheers and sense of belongingness, empowering themselves and others, beyond all odds.

– Kshama.V.Bhanuprakash

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