Tornadoes occur in India?

Tornadoes may occur in India, although very rarely.
Tornadoes are Earth’s most violent storms! The four key conditions that enable a Tornadoes are:
Moisture in the lower to mid-levels of the atmosphere.
Unstable air. That is, air that will continue rising once it begins rising from near the ground.
A lifting force. Something is needed to cause the air to begin rising. The most common lifting force is heating of air near the ground. As the air warms it becomes lighter and begins rising. Advancing masses of cool air, which force warm air upward, also trigger thunderstorms.
Large, flat Plains. Strong tornadoes form probably because thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes have room to grow!
When all the conditions are present, humid air will rise high into the sky and cool and condense into towering clouds, forming thunderstorms. This air rising into a thunderstorm is called an updraft. Tornadoes form within a thunderstorm’s updraft.
India is roughly 1/3 the size of the US & our climate is very tropical! We don’t have air “clashes” between the hot air from the equator & cold air from the

poles! So, the occurrence of a tornado is very rare and most of them are the weak ones – EF0-Ef2.
Yes, Tornado do happen for sure. They happen mostly in eastern India, near Bangladesh during Monsoon season (Actually, most of them happen during “Pre-monsoon” season. Tornadoes are even recorded in northern Indian areas, including Delhi, Punjab & Rajasthan. In 2015, two tornadoes were recorded in India – One in Rajasthan & other in Punjab. Both were weak ones, but they did significant damage.

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