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Your emotions or feelings affect every cell of your body. Positive emotions help the cells to enhance immunity while the negative emotions bring toxic elements in the cells. While the former helps you to keep fit and resist any disease, the latter brings in disease in your body. Diseases emanate first in your subtle body or “Sukshma sareeram” through the negative feelings and it is quite some time later that you see them manifested in your body or “Sthula sarreeram”. The entry point is a subtle body and the culprit is a negative emotion. The remedy is not only to avoid negative feelings, but to fill your mind with positive feelings.
Each cell has intelligence and a function. The leader cell of an organ directs and manages all the cells in that organ. Patrol cells travel throughout the 60000 miles of blood vessels and if it detects any intruder, say, a virus, they signal alert to despatch the concerned team of cells. Like blood clotting time, repair team, etc. in that respective area. Memory cells are alerted to take an imprint (snapshot) of the intruder and to check if it matches with the any of the previous intruders. If they match, the memory cells alert the concerned attack team. If they don’t match, the memory cells open a new file for the new intruder and all the attack teams are summoned to move in and destroy the intruder.
Merciful that God has kept medicine within. Just to illustrate, when it is cold, we shiver; since shivering produces heat to fight against the cold. Cheeks become red because red Corpuscles move to the exposed part to protect.
You have a full-fledged hospital inside you and this medical team is on 24/7 duty- 10 trillion cells working non-stop. What greater gift we could ask the almighty? Don’t you feel like hugging yourself to say “Thank you”?
Strangely, all these trillion cells listen to you and obey your commands sent through your thoughts, feelings and belief you have. If you think, “I get a headache if I do not have a cup of coffee in the morning”, the cells receive it as a command and introduce a headache in no time. If you say “I sleep like a log”, you will have a sound sleep.
Let us see: How does your thought communicate to the cells?
                                                                                         By CA. S Sankaran

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