Practical tips to avoid stress

In the Second Edition, we have discussed 5 simple activities that you can do under 5 minutes to effectively de-stress yourself. If you missed out you can read the same from website or through the mobile application. In this article, I want to give you 4 effective ways to avoid stress. Prevention is always better than cure.
The major source of our stress is our thoughts. Most of the thoughts don’t manifest in reality, but can still cause stress to us. The way we think is a learned habit. We learned a few patterns of thinking while early in the life. Later, as adults, we learn to think differently, but only in some situations. The majority of our thoughts follow specific learned patterns.
To effectively avoid stress, you need to re-program some of your thought patterns. Consciously put efforts till it becomes a habit. Once it is a habit, automatically you will be keeping all the stressful thoughts away. Good thoughts bring good experiences in life.
1. Avoid Future reading: Do you feel the hunches on what is going to happen? Do you feel that your intuition and all the pieces of evidence you are observing indicate future happenings?
When you feel you are not achieving to the best of your capabilities in pursuits like education, business and career, etc., observe if you are deciding it too early. To be patient is to trust and never give up on the growth process.
Everything in nature takes time. Whatever effort you are putting to pursue your ambition is like sowing seeds. It is too early to decide how the tree looks like while it is still a seed. So, avoid future reading.
2. Avoid Mind Reading: Do you know what the other person is going to do or talk? Do you know what’s in their mind?
Anticipating what the other person may be thinking of you would cause stress. It happens in all relationships like student- teacher, husband-wife, parent-child, employee-employer, etc… Instead of mind reading and assuming, it is better to ask and know what is in their mind.
3. Avoid Past Dwelling: Do you frequently remember what happened to you in the past. Do you feel like you should not have done something or could have done something else?
This pattern emerges when you need to justify your present. The truth is you don’t need to justify to anybody or even to yourself. Learn from the mistakes and move on.
Trust that everything happens for a reason and start living in the present moment.
4. Avoid Incessant Chatter: Do you keep thinking continuously, one thought after another? Are you not able to sleep when gripped by thoughts?
Remember that only actions give results. Think only to the extent that you can identify some action and stop thinking about it until you do that action.
Life is not there in thoughts… it is there in the silence between two thoughts. So observe your thoughts and take control of your life now.

                                                                                      – Nagesh Kumar Siddu

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