Kiddoos Drawing Competition

 A drawing competition, ‘Kiddoos’, was conducted at Santhathi Hall, Ramamurthy Nagar Bangalore, on Sunday (22 Julu) to bring out the creativity and the artistic talents amongst children
Organized by Blue Pearl Events & Expovisions in association with Penscribe News, over 60 students from Penscribe readers participated in the competition to exhibit their creative skills in Theme – “Nature, Eco-friendly and Go Green.” The event was categorized into age group of 6 to 8 and 9-12.
Students proved that they not only excel in academics, but also shine in exhibiting their skills by creative presentation.
Drawing – A Fun and Therapy.

Creative activities like painting help in the development of the brain. The right side of the brain is used for emotional and creative responses, while the left side of the brain focuses on analytical processes and logic. Painting stimulates both sides of the brain and thus makes kids reach their full potential. Continued from Page 1…..
It boosts creativity and makes them more imaginative. The more they play with colours on paper, the more they can experience the beauty of art and creativity. Expressing themselves through painting allows kids to take part in an activity that is filled with fun. It encourages them to look at situations with an open & creative mind.
Kids apply the lessons learned through painting to various situations in life. Their critical reasoning skills also develop better as they learn, on their own, to make decisions on what works and what doesn’t.
Painting has many benefits, and it is both constructive and enjoyable. It is so much fun for kids just to splash paints on a paper or canvas, mess around with their hands full of colours and paint in zigzag strokes on paper. Also, when their artwork is appreciated, it boosts their confidence. And since art does not have any rules and regulations, it’s easy for kids to cherish the joy of making something which is unique. The communication which takes place in the process also plays a role in the development of their social skills.
The children were allotted to take their own timings and parents were thrilled to see their children’s concentration. In the meantime, speaking to parents we requested them to spend time with their children with bare minimum usage of TV and mobile especially when children are at home and also to engage their children in reading books and solving various activities mentioned in penscribe’s kids’ corner enabling them to refer dictionary to improve the vocabulary and writing skills.

This activity helped the children to be more active and confident, and get to learn how to keep the surrounding clean and care for the nature.

Students from various schools like ITI Vidya Mandir, ITI Central School, New Baldwin International School, Maithry Vidyanikethan, Presidency School, Sri Chaithanya Techno School, St. Vincent Pallotti School, BNR Memorial School, Ramana Vidyanikethan, Amara Jyothi Public School, Navjyothi Public School, Deva Matha Central School, Vibgyor High School, Jubilee School, New Indus Valley Residential School, Christ The King School, St. Antony’s Public School, Divya Academy of Learning, Clarence High School, Assisi School, Vagdevi Vilas School, JGRVK School and Mohre Public School participated in the competition.

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