Appreciate the Smallest

All of us at every stage needs some reinforcement or a small pat on our back to proceed in whatever we are doing. Without that probably we do not feel like continuing any work.
Yes, the same way even for a child who is 1 year or 10 years at any age he/she is they need to be Appreciated.
Appreciation-the word though looks too small but means a lot for a child. As a child, all they need is someone who acknowledges them that what they did was fantastic.
As a parent, sibling or even a friend we are all busy trying to teach them what they haven’t done or probably we always want them to be perfect at what they do. But in this process we most of the time forget to understand that their effort for doing a particular work, for having such a creative idea is not been valued.
Like they say a “small act of kindness can restore hopes ” same way “small act of appreciation can restore the confidence”
This confidence immensely helps in the growth of the child and mature as a good human being.

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