Impact of Artificial Intelligence

This is the world, where we are going to see the machines dominating man in every aspect, from driving cars to cooking food and many more that we do as our daily routine. A world full of Artificial intelligence.
One of the more transformative changes I see coming is the mobility network: an internet of “physical” things if you will. Everything is going to be able to move around the world autonomously, and we’re going to see an incredible number of different services running on this network.
Everybody will have a virtual assistant, and they’re going to be pretty smart.
Facial recognition will be the new credit card.
Artificial intelligence will write news and market reports tailored specifically for you.
AI will continue to provide a set of tools to people that expand their horizons and enhance their ability to work.
Suppose a heart patient needs to undergo surgery. There are two options. One, the doctor is new and never did the operation, while the other doctor is very experienced who did thousands of such operations. Who is the doctor to go for and why? Obviously, the answer is to choose the experienced doctor. Because of doing such surgeries multiple times, the doctor gained knowledge to make the right decisions during the course of surgery. If anything goes wrong during the operation, the doctor knows what to do and how to handle the situation. This can positively result in successful operation.
There are a thousand things that can go wrong during surgery and it is impossible to teach others what to do each time. Knowledge can be shared but the experience cannot be shared. It should be gained by the new doctor to become an expert. Ask any surgeon how stressful doing an operation is. Humans get easily stressed when need to make sharp decisions in a short time. Doctors get emotionally attached to surgery outcomes. A small mistake sure would bother the doctor life-long. They need to take a break from one surgery to other to recover and feel normal. Whatever the outcome, surgeons need to feel confident for the next surgery.
With machines, this is a different case. Imagine a tool like a hand. Let us call it a robot hand. It can hold a knife and precisely control the pressure, angle, and speed of movement. It is connected to thousands of such other robot hands throughout the world through the internet. These robot hands are connected and can share information of success and failure for each movement. As technology improved these Robot hands can share information, process fast and choose the best option each time, they become intelligent and so intelligent that they outperform an experienced doctor, given the same operation.
Machines are better at some things which humans fail. The machine can learn from each other, don’t feel emotional stress and can do surgeries without getting tired. This is a type of “deep learning” that allows machines to process information for themselves on a very sophisticated level. These Robot hands can perform the right action based on thousands of such previous actions and outcome in the past from all of its connected hands. every hand is equally capable even if it did not do any surgery and can utilize the experience of other robot hands in the world.
                                                                                                           – Nagesh Kumar Siddu

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