First 1000 days…..

Breastfeeding is the strongest foundation block for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your child. Breast milk is unique to the growth requirements of the human baby like... Read more »

First 1000 days…..

The sunrise is waiting in your horizon when you are ready to give birth to your baby. Pregnancy counseling for the normal labor, Lamaze and breathing exercises help the... Read more »

First 1000 days…..

Pregnancy is the pinnacle of a women’s successful and complete life. This beautiful time is precious and it is the first boost to our baby from us. The approximate... Read more »

India’s first father-daughter duo to scale Everest has a special message on girl child

Kathmandu [Nepal]: Ajeet Bajaj and Deeya Bajaj, India’s first father-daughter duo to conquer Mount Everest, have recently returned back to Nepal’s capital here with a special message about girl child. The... Read more »

Women Empowerment – It is what it is!

“Women and men are not equal!” Wait a second, take a deep breath before judging me by this statement; I am not a 21st centurion with age old thoughts... Read more »